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Two Young Scientists Made it Despite the Odds.

Two young Scientist from the islands of Zanzibar, representing their school SUZA Secondary School and their team SUZASec Innovation Club, are happy to go back home with the victory.

On 9th of August, 2017, Abdulrahman Banisheyba and Hudhaifat Hamdan, received a round of applause after winning the Special Award by Human Development Innovation Fund in Biological and Ecological Sciences category. It was after the two days of intense competition among the brilliant young minds from all across Tanzania. The competition is a summit organized by YOUNG SCIENTISTS TANZANIA in partnership with several development actors including Human Development Innovation Fund and Irish Embassy on behalf of Irish Government which introduced the program to Tanzania from Ireland where such competitions were common.

The competition starts with encouraging students all across Tanzania to come up with ideas that they will compete with on the following year. Teams of two are formed and compete from school level to regional level. Then the winners from the regional competition get to participate in the national summit where they will compete with other winners from other regions of the country.

Abdulrahman Banisheyba and Hudhaifat Hamdan in collaboration with their team members in the SUZASec Innovation Club, carried out a project with the name "En Route for Edible Bug Juice". The project aimed at replacing the conventional, detrimental insect repellants with the natural–based, environmental–friendly and even more affordable ones. The project was mainly successful by proving a number of theories from the local practices of the locals using the scientific procedures in collaboration with the Zanzibar Chief Chemist Laboratory.

The lesson the team learned was that doing good for the environment is not always expensive, and adequately investing in researches can lead to a plethora of better and affordable alternatives of the products deteriorating the environment.

For in–depth information on the project "EnRoute for Edible Bug Juice", see the post on "Projects" page. Stay updated by subscribing to the website by submitting your email at the bottom of this page. And do not forget to leave your insights on the comments section below. Thank you for staying to the end.

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Mar 29, 2021

Congratulations to you and your team.

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